Expanding Facebook Fundraisers to More People and Causes

Facebook is a place where people join together to connect with their communities and support each other in a meaningful way. Today, we give people a different way to mobilize the causes they care for, by extending their personal fundraisers to all over 18 in the US and adding two new categories – community and sport.

We began testing a personal fundraiser, a new product that allows people to earn money in March for a friend, a self-help, or a sick pet directly on Facebook. Since then, we have been inspired by the response to their creation and support for those who benefit.

People can create a fundraiser to quickly raise money on Facebook and simply reach out to their friends in a few taps without leaving Facebook and can share fundraisers to help build the dynamics. People can learn about the person who created the fundraiser and the person who benefits from the fundraiser, as well as about who donated their friends. Now people can earn money for some of the following categories:

Education: for example, teaching, books or teaching in classrooms
Medical: such as medical procedures, treatments or injuries
Pet Medical: such as veterinary procedures, treatments or injuries
Crisis Assistance: For example, public crises or natural disasters
Personal alert: for example, house fire, theft or traffic accident
Burial and loss: like burial costs or living expenses after losing a loved one
Sports: For example, equipment, competition or team fees
Community: for example, neighborhood services, community improvement or environmental improvement
Nonprofit fundraisers are still available to people on Facebook to raise funds and awareness of 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organizations.

It’s easy to get started:

On your mobile phone, touch the menu icon and select Fundraisers or the desktop, go to facebook.com/fundraisers
Choose whether you want to raise money for a friend, yourself or someone or something that is not on Facebook
Give the fundraiser the title and convincing story and start earning money

All scientific scientists are assessed within 24 hours. Personal fundraisers are available on all facilities and have a fee of 6.9% + 0.30 CZK, which applies to payment processing, fundraiser verification and security and fraud protection. Facebook’s goal is to create a platform for the good that will be sustainable in the long run and will not profit from our charity donation tools.

We are constantly inspired by good people on Facebook and we are excited to learn more about how people use this new product to continue improving our experience.

Find out more about Facebook fundraisers at facebook.com/fundraisers.

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