Facebook Algorithm Changes

Facebook’s News Feed algorithm is in a constant flow state. In the timeline below, we refer to major changes that businesses and businesses need to realize. With active users of 1.71 billion a month active Facebook, it is still critical to getting businesses on the platform.

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Links to Low-Quality Sites to Be Diminished in News Feed

In a new update released in the next few months, Facebook has announced it will trip over links to low-quality sites coming from posts or from Facebook ads. Facebook defines poor quality pages as “content that is not content, which is covered by distracting, shocking or malicious ads.” It is possible that high quality pages will benefit from this update with a potential increase in traffic to your links. This update is based on users’ complaints that content in the feed for messages often refers to spam or misleading sites.

Facebook Tests Subscribed Topics in News Feed

With this new test, some users will be able to sign up for topics that might be interested. In the news source, users can see the carousel of the topics they can sign in. By logging in to the topic, the user will be exposed to more pages and posts than they usually follow and communicate. Facebook wants to find out if this update helps users work with the posts they are interested in, while being exposed to new ideas inconsistent with their own beliefs, interests or policy. If the test appears to be fooling or harassing the user, it is very possible that this update will never reach all Facebook users.

Facebook Stories Now Available in Mobile App

In an effort to duplicate Snapchat’s success, Facebook has now brought stories to the main Facebook app. With this latest app updates, users at the top of the news source will show circular icons with their friends’ profiles. These icons are recent “stories” published by friends who can include pictures, videos, drawings and special camera effects. After 24 hours these stories will disappear and will be replaced by new ones. With Facebook Stories, users can see how they choose to share their activities and personality with their friends. Including stories basically generates a second message channel within the application.

Seasonal Greetings Atop the News Feed

Beginning March 20, Facebook will place an animated seasonal greeting to mark the change in seasons. Depending on where you live in the world, this animated greetings will reflect the current season, spring or autumn. When a user clicks an animation, a post on Facebook appears in which the user can share their feelings about the season change. Facebook has seen a drop in personal posts and this new feature is designed to encourage users to share their posts with their friends and followers. Currently, animated season greetings can only be displayed on mobile devices.

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