Scottish voters targeted by ‘dark ads’ on Facebook

Political ads target specific users on Facebook in Scotland, BBC Scotland data show.
All major parties seem to have been affected by voters with so-called “dark ads” – tailor-made messages that are visible to a particular audience.
SNP and Lib Dems used revenue-generating ads while conservatives and employees targeted users in key locations.
The data gathered by “Who’s Going For Me” and the local office are not exhaustive and rely on volunteers.
Last month, British Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham launched an investigation into social media political advertising and the “possible impact on the privacy of the individual.”

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Traditionally, the battle of voting took place in an open place through billboards and brochures, knocking on the door and pressing meat.
But in recent years there has been a significant increase in political advertising on social media platforms like Facebook.
According to the Electoral Commission, political parties spent a total of 1.3 million pounds on targeted Facebook advertising during the general election in 2015.

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