Facebook announced platform for sharing information about it security

ThreatExchangee is new platform for sharing information about IT security. Founded by Facebook which worked on it during last year. It should serve to security experts for sharing information so the others don’t have to solve problems all over again. Facebook built ThreatExchange on their own ...
Date: 02/23/2015

Facebook: We don’t charge for commercials that no one will see

What is the point of commercials to submitters when they appears on web but they are on place where no one sees them? “Not all commercials are equal” says Facebook on the Facebook blog. And adding important statement "Facebook doesn’t charge for commercials that no one will see” For the ...
Date: 02/22/2015

Facebook doesn’t care why you don’t use real name. You have to adapt.

We are the Facebook, you will be assimilated. There is always an option, you don’t have to use something, what you don’t need. But, after all… We have already informed you about a return of old requirement to use your real name on Facebook. And for real, there are the first news about ...
Date: 02/08/2015

Facebook’s Real Name Policy is back

On Facebook again only with a real name and with personal profiles which are truly personal. It is paradox that return to the old police caused surprisingly companies. According the fact, that Facebook still decrease the organic reach of page posts (big pages now have non-pay reach about ...
Date: 02/05/2015