Expanding Facebook Fundraisers to More People and Causes

Facebook is a place where people join together to connect with their communities and support each other in a meaningful way. Today, we give people a different way to mobilize the causes they care for, by extending their personal fundraisers to all over 18 in the US and adding two new categories - ...
Date: 05/31/2017

Facebook Algorithm Changes

Facebook's News Feed algorithm is in a constant flow state. In the timeline below, we refer to major changes that businesses and businesses need to realize. With active users of 1.71 billion a month active Facebook, it is still critical to getting businesses on the platform. If your company ...
Date: 05/27/2017

New updates to lower the Clickbait title

People tell us that they do not like stories that are misleading, sensational or spamming. This includes clickbait headlines that are designed to attract attention and attract visitors by clicking the link. In an effort to support an informed community, we're always working to find out which ...
Date: 05/19/2017

Facebook publishes fake news ads in UK papers

Facebook has expanded its campaign to raise awareness of fake news by publishing advertisements in the UK press. Document ads, including The Times, The Guardian, and Daily Telegraph, include a list of ten things to consider when deciding whether the story is right. These include reviewing ...
Date: 05/09/2017

Global Government Requests Report

Today, we are publishing our latest global government applications for the second half of 2016, detailing the number of government requests we have received with regard to the data and the number of items restricted for violation of local laws in the countries where the service is ...
Date: 05/08/2017

Game On: Games on Messenger Go Global with New Features and Games

Today we are starting to spread Instant Games to Messenger more broadly for 1.2 billion people who use Messenger every month. In addition, we are launching new features that we have just demonstrated to developers at our annual F8 conference. These include rich game features that enable developers ...
Date: 05/07/2017

Facebook tops 1.9 billion monthly users

Facebook is in the home stretch to reaching the two billion user mark. On Wednesday, the social network reported hitting 1.94 billion monthly users as of the end of the March quarter. That's up from 1.86 billion in the previous quarter and 1.65 billion in the same quarter a year earlier. What's ...
Date: 05/06/2017

F8 2017: Camera Effects Platform and More From Day One

Today is the first day of the F8 2017, our annual event where developers meet to explore the future of technology. More than 4,000 people attended an event at the McEnery Congress Center in San Jose, California, and millions of people watched this note via Facebook Live. Mark Zuckerberg opened a ...
Date: 05/04/2017

What brought the facebook update in April 2017

The facebook update has taken place on several levels. Facebook added new statistics to your ad groups. Facebook introduced a new camera in the application. New responses to Facebook Messenger. Messenger got a new Live Location feature. You can now stream from your computer. Facebook ...
Date: 05/03/2017

12-year-old girl forced to pull out of chess match due to dress

A 12-year-old girl has withdrawn from a chess tournament in Putrajaya, Malaysia because her knee length dress was labelled “too seductive”. In the middle of the second round championship match, the National Scholastic Chess Championship director remarked that her dress was “seductive” ...
Date: 05/01/2017