Create your company facebook page

Present your company on Facebook is quite necessary nowadays. Facebook became one of the most important online channels, where you can present and promote your company. Company facebook page is something like a basic user profile. You just put there your profile picture, cover photo and basic information about your company. Sharing news, discounts, or present new products is very easy thanks to that. Remember that company’s Facebook page is one of the coolest way how to present your company and let your business grow. It is a very good way how to communicate to your customers, or potencial customers! It’s very easy to them to like your page, watch the news, and if it’s necessary to write you a message. Cool, huh? So let’s begin!

How can you create your company’s succesful facebook page?

1.     Create a page

At the beggining you have to create your own page of course. It is not a big deal. You have to click at the bookmark „Add pages“ in main (left) menu. Now you can see some following instructions. It is important to choose name, URL adress (you can make it shorter for better sharing) and what category fall your business.


2.     Set up a page

Congratulations! Now you have sucessfully created your own Facebook page. Now you have to modify it to your  business. Choose a profile photo (facebook profile photo size is 180px X 180px for upload) and cover photo (facebook cover photo size is 851px X 315px). Now create a short descripton of your company (or business) and add your website (and add your facebook to your website!). Becareful while choosing the photos. Remember that profile photo should be your logo, or mascot. Simply something easy to recognize. Cover photo should be some collage of product,  photo from some of you event, or something like that. Done? Cool!


3.     Create a content

Now you have a functional cool looking facebook business page. So continue! For succesful page you have to create and post a goof content. Regularly. So choose the good looking photos, interesting articles, amazing videos and share them. Inform your fans and customers about news! It is very important to let them know about new products, discounts, sales, events and everything what is happening! Trust me, that this type of information will grow up your business even more. And one more hint à share smart, and share in smart hours. Add an url to your posts, it will bring more people to your website and share them in smart hours – it means hours where is the most people on facebook (it will boost your reach).

4.     Promote

If you are watching a grow of your business thanks to your good work on Facebook, than your next step is clear. Start promoting! You will reach more people, which means more potencial customers. Promoting is quite simple, you can read more about it on our site.


In our video you can see a tutorial how to create your own company’s facebook page. An important step is to have your own facebook profile which could be linked with your company’s facebook page. If you click the bookmark “Add pages” in main menu, there you can see following instructions. You can choose your unique URL address you remember and is linked with your company’s name or with the domain of your website. For example I am an owner of and I can name my facebook page as well In easy 6 steps you choose in what category fall your business, if you promote a product or a brand. If you want to promote through inclusion in the group, it is possible to create the Facebook company group for your business. If you are an artist or you want to promote yourself.

Just fill the necessary data and your company’s facebook page is estabilished.

Let’s do this …