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Wondering about Facebook Sign up? If you live longer than fifteen years, there is good probability that you have Facebook. Of course there is exemptions like people older than sixty years. However even those people are part of Facebook and I must say it is incredible. But as I can say the fuzz around Facebook is not so big as in past. Well there is also Snapshot which is popular mainly among young people who can stay hours there. I mean Facebook evolved it became not only chatting place but also place where you can sort out a lot of problems.  Facebook groups are especially hand in these occasions.1393263280000-AFP-527456368

And also there are also almost two million on Facebook so now there remains a question who will use Facebook signup in the future. Of course there are people in middle age who do not have Facebook yet and somewhere in their future they will make it. But young ones do not want to have Facebook. It is not cool to be member of Mark Zuckerberg child anymore.

Nevertheless, I want to dedicate this article to those who want sign up for Facebook. It is not hard truly. First contact with Facebook just shows what Facebook is. It is almost nice on you but then in the end you can choose tons of things which you never find again.

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So I would like to separate this Facebook signup on two almost equally important parts. First part will be dedicated to people who want full great Facebook. You just need to type www.facebook.com to your browser and as you can see on your computer that there is already form where you can Facebook sign up. Just adjust your language. You can stay away from problems because later there is problem to change some bits.

It is so simple really you only need email address. And that is all. Of course Facebook will later ask you about your phone number because of some security things. However I would advise you to never write it there. You can keep something just for yourself.

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Also you can sign up for Facebook on mobile phone as well. Facebook became such hit mainly because of all mobile phone users. In this time, we rather write a Facebook message than we send a SMS. Some reasons are reasonable like you do not have to pay for it and people got used to Facebook. However you can simply sign up for Facebook from mobile phone as well. It is simple you just download Facebook app from App Store or from Google Play. It depends what kind of mobile phone you have. And then again you just simply write your data to app. Then you can easily start to use Facebook app. It takes like a few seconds. Creepy how easy it is. Also there are some restrictions about Facebook sign up. You can sign up for Facebook only if you are twelve years old or higher. Yes I know that if somebody wants to sign up. The age is not a problem but I think it should be said.


And to the final part of my article. I said that I want two parts. And the first one is already behind us. There is a Facebook and Messenger. They can seem to you as one thing. but just the opposite. For last few years. Messenger is separate. At least on mobile phones. There is also website www.messenger.com which is really just a Messenger app for internet browser. And as you can expect by now. It is not harder to use Facebook. But what is interesting is that you can sign up for Messenger only. Which is amazing. You need only phone number. And that is all. You can simply write to anybody you want. Without annoying things about Facebook. Because the most Facebook thing about Facebook is the only not Facebook thing. Messenger.