6 tips how to get fans on Facebook

Facebook is not same as it was in the past.  To make a huge base of fans in social media space is not so easy anymore. We will try to help you with that Facebook problem, and advise you how to dramatically raise your fans number and simply let social world know about your product, service, or the whole company. We will make a boom and we are going to shocked your potential clients, or customers, and that will brings you the “fruit” in the form of positive feedback and higher number of customers.

Probably every entrepreneur, or the operator of some kind of service, will get mad, when he will find out that the direct competition has thousands of fans on Facebook, or other social media, that he still is in small numbers on those channels. After that usually comes the well-known question: “What do they do different than us?!”  The most of companies will not succeed on Facebook because they don’t exactly know, HOW to build a community. They usually tries to collect the fans same as postage stamps for example, and they compete which one of them will have the higher Facebook likes number. By another words – they focus on quantity, not the quality.

Some Facebook company pages try to go by different way, and they use some apps, which can generate the Facebook likes. They bring you a hundreds, maybe a thousand of new likes on your Facebook business page, so they are very popular. But in fact, these likes are meaningless for your business, because the most of them are fakes Facebook account, and the rest of them are the people, whose actually don’t care about your Facebook page or the business. So after all, by using these apps, you will have a better looking numbers, but your Facebook company page will be useless thanks to that (dead likes don’t produce anything).

So if you want to create a really meaningful and especially real base of fans of your Facebook company page, than forget about the things like “automatically generated likes” immediately.

Get to the tips now! There is a list of tips, which should help you in increasing your number on Facebook (likes, reach, comments, …).

1.     How our typical customer does looks like?

At first, it is ridiculous to talk about the ways how to bring the most people on your Facebook page, if you don’t know who your customer is. So let’s clear that now.  Step back from your computer for a moment, put your coffee on the desk and think about how does your ideal fan looks like. How old is he? What he likes? What he wants to read? In which things he is interested in? What he search mostly? What is the thing, that especially I (or our company) can help him with? Answer these questions during that “coffee break”. Done? Good. I think it is obvious now, but there is a quote to sum up the first tip. The more you know your customer, the better content you can make for him.

2.     How to communicate?

You know how your typical customer looks like now. So now is important to set up a way, how you are going to communicate with him and telling him the information. It is very important to realise, how you want to be viewed by your customer/fan. If you will set up a very good tone of communication, and you will have only a positive feedback on them, you know, that you are doing it right way. Don’t forget, that the way of communication could be that thing, which will makes you different than competition. For example there are two ways of communication – formal and informal. It absolutely depends on you, your business and your customers. For example, if you are selling some clothes for young people, informal tone could be better to get closer to them. Remember that tone of communication isn’t socks. You can’t change it every day. So here is an advice – choose that way of communication, which is acceptable for both ways, and keep them.

3.     Determine your “battle” strategy

We have already completed theoretical things. Now we know how our typical customer looks like and how to communicate with him. So get to the core thing – we have to prepared the basic strategy of content. You probably know, that if you will write to your Facebook posts things like “Buy that!”, you will not convince anybody. So forget it immediately. To be honest, you will not probably sell anything directly on Facebook. They are on Facebook because they want to interact with people and they search new things, facts, and interesting information. So what are you supposed to do? You have to make content for them. Interest them and tell them more about you, your business, products, services, etc. Reaching people is important for every business. Once you have reached somebody, you have unrepeatable opportunity to “catch him into net”. Because if you will get them through the content you have created, he would like to see more. So focus on the interests of your targeted group, and even more on problems – and provide them the solution, which they needed.

4.     Magnet for fans – competition

Let’s be honest. How many times you have seen some really interesting competition, that you have tried your luck? It works same on Facebook – you can create a Facebook app, which will brings you the new fans. It is an interesting way how to show up your product to the wide society and interact them to your company process. There are a lot of competitions on Facebook, where the fans send proposals of new logo, or create new slogans, etc. There is no limit for creativity in competition world. The better is the idea of competition and of course the award, the better results it will have (new fans, customers, ideas, etc.). It is very simple math, so now it is only on you, how much you are able to sacrifice.

5.     Paid promotion

The main income of Facebook Company is advert of course.  Advert is being operated through the Facebook Ads service. It means, that you have a plenty of advert forms, which you can use to the product, or service advertising (or just the reaching potential customers).  If you will choose this way, than be careful in targeting. Simply try to target your focused group of potential customer, and through adverts reach only just them.

6.     If you will offer the best, you will succeed

I think that I don’t have to say, that if you will offer the best, that you have, and you will supply them with that regularly, than you will be successful and it will not take much time, than you will became better then competition. Give them content, which they will like and they will be interested in, and then they will give you their attention a recommendation to their friends. Remember that recommendation is the best of selling methods, and it will make your Facebook base and business grow and grow.

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