Animal Facebook

There is a lot of view of current state on animal Facebook. There are even people who claims that moneys like chimpanzees are as intelligent as people. In case that I know people I can say that many chimpanzees are more intelligent than people. It is sad but in fact it is brutal truth that cannot be changed. In the current world everybody is offended by everything and anytime. It is really annoying because you cannot say anything without another opinion that says you do this wrong and you are ruining the world. komik-facebook-sözleriFor all such people I must say these minerals are just a tip of mountain that is being released to the water and anything. It is sad but in the current world people more appreciate things that are near to extinct that things that are expansive. It is strange but it is precisely right that. So international companies that have business against illegal trade with animals and animals parts like horns or whatever are furious. I find that repulsive and I don’t like the idea that Facebook could be any part of this trades.

frictionless-sharing-10-new-facebook-apps-to-get-you-started-b14aa611dfBut sad truth is that even without problems you can make article and published it without knowing. Trade with such parts of animals are inhuman and I believe that thanks to Facebook it will swiftly end.

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