Facebook And Guns

What are current main rights to everybody in America? Right for Facebook and guns. In the first one you can have Facebook and say there whatever you want. It is Facebook so it is part of internet and you say whatever you want on internet. Or you cannot? Well I am from Europe so I often believe that there is some democracy left and that we can do whatever we want. I think that it is just the opposite but we all have dreams. fbmoneyThe second one is right for guns. Nobody ever will take this law from them. God gave guns to America and they love them ever since. But then there comes mixture of Facebook and guns. There are many strange things that can happen when you combine these two things but the one I want to share with you is probably the least interesting of them all. Facebook made a decision and determined that all users on Facebook and Instagram will be no more able to sell guns to other users.

facebook-for-business It may seem as odd thing to do. How many people buy guns on social site? But there is the thing. If you want to buy gun from dealer you must have background check if somebody sell you gun there is no problem with such process. Facebook don’t like it so long story short. It is forbidden from now on. On the other hand I think that Facebook have no power to stop that.

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