Facebook and iPhones

Have you ever heard about Facebook and iPhones? Yes it is silly question because people who was just born know what iPhone is. They also know that they have to own one. Bigger the better and even they cannot talk or move they need it now. This sums up my feeling about Apple enthusiast and in fact whole world. Because if somebody doesn’t have iPhone they pursue only one life goal. facebook_like_thumbBut I don’t want to talk about Steve Job aura and way which Apple took after his death. I think that this way killed whole idea of Apple and iPhone but that everything I will say. I want to talk about magnificent new model. iPhone 6 an 6s are without doubts absolutely amazing products of latest technologies. They have features that cannot be found anywhere else. And on the peak of all technological advantages there is 3D touch. It is feature that cannot be four anywhere else for sure. But in the end it is kind of difficult to exploit whole potential of this technology.

facebook videosHowever Facebook is the best of the best so we should get a ton load of new functions for 3D in iOS version of Facebook. Biggest novelties should be part of timeline and news feeds to ease this a little bit to users and I have to ask. Which one of you do have iPhone 6?

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