Facebook and Mark

If I should mention two basic things that make Facebook great, the first is would probably be brilliant technical resources. Yes there were some problems in the end of last year but if you forget about them you cannot say that Facebook would be down for hours or even days. And that is remarkable if you mind that Facebook have more than one and a half billion users. And the second greatest thing would be new ideas that took are brought to Facebook. In order to satisfy every Facebook user there is need for great communication between Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.1393263280000-AFP-527456368 By the way, did you know, that it is common to address Facebook founder not Mark but Zuck? Nevertheless, back to topic, it is really important that these two parts communicate with each other even though you can think that they are both the same. They are not. Mark is however the person who can make anything happen. Nothing is too big of a target. Therefore it is great from Facebook that every week there is a meeting between Zuck and Facebook employees.

0530 stl facebook.jpgAnd the reason is only one. Improve everything. Employees can ask about anything that comes across their mind. It is great even that take place every week and we can say they do it for us. We have better Facebook.

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