Facebook Awarded

If there is something that is happening almost every year it is some kind of honour to Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg. It is only February and again…. Facebook awarded. There are excellent reasons why but also there is huge topic that is immensely controversial. I must go back to Internet.org aka Free basics. It is not nice to offer only something from internet. On the other hand it is for free and in fact it is gift to all Free Basic users that they can use Facebook and few other apps. F8 facebook conferenceHowever there is thing that nobody can deny to Facebook. It is probably the most progressive company on market. Nobody can react so fast for demand and even some of the innovations are not always Facebook friendly (like targeting advertising, however Facebook officials say it is users friendly) there are features that could never been done without Facebook effort. In order to honour such determination Mark Zuckerberg will be awarded with prize that is nothing silly.

-sgE0LYXrGJJkhdpQYzx47j7FqQfNFx5WD62OI0L7FrJQWC2saicEAl7UhnV1K27J4A=w300Prize for innovation is annual way how to honour pioneers and innovators from whole world. And even those who don’t like Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg cannot come with any good reason why he should not be awarded. We can only hope that Facebook won’t fall asleep on throne.

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