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There was lately huge discussion about Facebook Button. Some people was expecting don’t like this button but as it may seem as a good idea in the past studies that came about this topic showed it is absolutely without doubts the worst idea in the human kind history. Long story short don’t like button will never come to anybody. However there was a group that was excited for new button that would help to old like. facebook_like_thumbSo Facebook had to come out with something new that would fill the hole after something that never happened. Silly but really it was just like that. So shortly after don’t like crisis Facebook have come out with brand new idea. What if people could choose from more than one or two feelings? So they come out with not one but with five new emoji buttons. Yes if you think about it is nothing revolutionary but at least it could satisfy all those who expected don’t like and also Facebook will look cool because there will be new feature that can be drag thru every news and social discussion.

facebook-expressions_storySo the new ones are Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry they are simple emotions and they can be easily described with simple drawing. However here could be one more. Yay button was also planned but people didn’t understand meaning. (I don’t get it either). It is simple way how to express your happiness.

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