Facebook Fake Profiles

I am sure that you know that Facebook is paradise for harassment. It is truly probably the best invention that supports harassment. It is almost unbelievable but it works anyway. However in the world of Facebook and internet harassment Facebook fake profiles have its own space for the worst thing you can imagine. You can be abused by messages and whatever but in the moment when someone made a fake page profile that is “you” it is completely out of league. Facebook-Emotional-Manipulation-400x300Once such profile exist it grow faster than HPV in whirlpool and you can be sure that even if you alarm officials that it is fake profile Facebook won’t remove it in a minute. No it doesn’t work like that. Everything have its time and this take a lot of it. Or isn’t it? Facebook have been testing new function that detects fake profiles automatically. This testing started in November and as it seems it is ready for big usage. The pattern is simple.

facebook-newsfeed3-ss-1920-800x450Programme detect that someone is trying to make your fake page and whatever. Then you will be automatically alerted for this fact and if you confirm that it is fake profile Facebook will know it. Of course the last step will be made by Facebook employees. Who will check is there is something like fake profile.

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