Facebook Friends

How many Facebook friends do you have? Hundreds? Maybe thousands? I don’t know but I presume that you have at least two hundred Facebook friends. If you are at least normally social person it is not problem because you know this and that. Therefore if you count it together I think that you would end in number about two hundred or maybe four hundred. And now completely different question. facebook-and-peopleHow many of your friends give a thing about you. Dou you thing you are important to them? To each one? I am sure that even you cannot believe that each one of your friend adore you how you think. In the end really it seems that people doesn’t give a thing about anybody anywhere anytime. Somebody likes it but when you have friends you think that you want be stabbed to the back as soon as you leave cosy bed in your apartment. Nevertheless the opposite is just right. You can do anything you want but in the end it doesn’t even matter because your friends don’t care about you. Recent serious study revealed that only four of one hundred and half Facebook friends care about you.

facebook picture This number is scary because it beautifully show how little we think about other. His study is real and no prank. Officials from Oxford University revealed this results an honestly are one of those four?

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