Facebook HD

Despite Facebook is being currently the biggest place where photos are storage when we forget about our grandma’s stashes. However Facebook is biggest on the net because grandmas don’t have internet. But that is not precisely what I want to talk about right now. And the reason is simple and everybody know the feeling of despair that was caused by Facebook. Despite Facebook is being biggest the quantity is not always the best what you can do. More importantly when you have a lot but in miserable quality.facebook-dosah That is precisely case of Facebook. You can make the best photo ever but in the moment when you uploaded to Facebook you ruined your work. Thanks to Facebook compression the resolution became like in game Doom and for those who don’t know this game. I can say it is pretty terrible trust me. Nevertheless I have great news for everybody who reads this article. It was investable but this is the time when Facebook HD happened. From now we can choose that we want to send photos in high resolution.

Facebook-aplikace-umožňuje-upload-HD-fotekGreat news and good mobile camera will no longer be useless. However it have one but. Despite HD and everything the HD is not without maximum resolution. And as it seems Messenger top resolution is limited to 2048 pixels. You can adjust HD photos simply in app settings as it is shown on the photo.

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