Facebook In Brussels

First of all I must express sadness about recent terrorist attacks in Belgium capital city Brussels. I believe that each victim was pointless and that nothing like this should happen. But in every even such as this one Facebook feature can be seen more than the other ones. Any guesses? You have one or two tries but no. it is feature inside Facebook called Safety Check. And it does precisely what it says it does. It is feature that was in the first meant to help in cases of natural disasters when you are not sure about your friends and family. SafetyCheck2You just simply check that you are okay and you don’t have to write to everybody separately that you are OK. But in the end it is used so much more in other occasions like terrorists attacks which are more and more usual in this time. In case of Brussels terrorist attacks it could not have different scenario so shorty after attacks Facebook started another session when you can show your friends you are okay.

Screenshot_3You can find it easily when you type safety check search tab on the top of Facebook page. They you will see it clearly. And then you will see all of your friends in close are. And again I must say violence is pointless and such murders should be revenged.

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