Facebook Live

For all of you Facebook Live is probably nothing new. After all it is feature that have been launched back in the last year somewhere around summer. However it took months since this great feature get out from celebrities and journalist. After a big wait we get it. Now if we have enough smart mobile phone we can stream our live feed directly to Facebook. I always saw it as kind of useless feature but I think that today I was corrected in my opinion. fb-live-verifiedIt was only one great concert. There was few thousand people and despite I was on event with tens of thousands but it was not as great as today. But how this brought me to idea that Facebook live is great? Simply. Somewhere after round middle of concert band played their probably greatest song. But right before they announced that this song will be broadcast to whole world via Facebook. And then I understood it. You don’t have to be everywhere to feel it.

620_sWhen I looked at the video back home it immediately brought me back. The feel of concert and atmosphere was very intense and the feeling came immediately back. You can live much more than before.Be on several place with several people. Be everywhere and with everyone! Try Facebook live and you won’t forget.

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