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When you look on the portfolio of Facebook you can see whole world. No company on the world have so divided interests I believe. Or at least I have never heard of any.  From saving poor to controversial moves. But still Facebook is probably most used thing apart water and oxygen. So when few years ago Facebook started to be interested in videos we knew that this is going to be big. Soon most videos have been streamed from Facebook and another milestone came soon.  Facebook Live happened.FACEBOOKVA

Just remember the launch. Facebook Live was introduced in such huge way by huge people. I mean literally huge because one of the first celebrities who used this streaming tool was Dwayne The Rock Johnson. So that was era of celebrities when most flaws have been fixed. Also at the time journalist could use it. But it was mainly stuff for celebrities. Now thankfully we all can enjoy streaming from our mobile phones. And as I wrote earlier this week. Facebook is coming to desktop too. And I believe that streaming from home will be also popular.

flow-1-_alt-copy-4So finally now Facebook Live is truly for everybody. But is that a good thing? if you look on the one thought of Facebook. Then it is. Facebook is on internet and internet should be free. So you should be able to stream whatever you like. But on the other hand there are terms of use. And we should follow them. However even violations against terms of use can be helpful. If you remember about shooting in USA not so long ago. Facebook live gave us knowledge that we would never had without it. Even if such behaviour was against terms of use.

2999705And now to the more useful part of the article. It was hard in the beginning to figure out cooperation between speak and write. However, now you can use tool that provide written text directly in your streaming in real life. Not many people know it but it can be useful so try it.

silicon-valleys-top-startup-factory-once-funded-a-company-because-the-founder-looked-like-mark-zuckerbergAlso in the near future that sport events will be officially broadcasted by Facebook live. But I would never trust this terribly much. In case that you big name in business there is good probability that Facebook will pay you. there are streamers who are payed with huge checks. And there should be some income from ads enclosed to Facebook Live. so even money ca be directly made on Live.

514401-battle-net-streamingAnd also one of the latest Facebook Live feature is kind of game changer. Well there is Twitch which is probably the biggest platform for sharing gameplays in real time. Facebook is trying to compete with Twitch whit improvement that streams your game in real time to Facebook. But there is a catch in only works on new Blizzard games. Which is kind of limiting if you do not play World of Warcraft for last decade or more.

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