Facebook Marketing

Yes I probably mentioned this earlier Facebook marketing is the best way how to sell thing right now. You can have big billboards but billboard will not have more than one and a half billion audience. It is impossible so yes Facebook is the best way how to speak to masses. Also it is great way how to speak to certain people. Facebook sorting algorithms have military class. VirtualRealityAnd as it seem the already high standards will be upgraded soon. In the past there was the possibility to target your ads but even despite high level of options it was never so great. This novelty should bring this to the end. From now on the targeting advertising should be more specific than ever before and all companies can welcome this novelty with great glory. Till now you can address your ads based on geography and demography. Yes both of them are really important but the new criteria that was released as part of Coca Cola new campaign is most important of all if you ask me.

zzp_nf_3New criteria is your hobbies. All pages you like say something about you. Facebook know what you like and what are yours weak spots. Now you can target for them. For sure we live in new millennium where everything is possible and mainly where social sites are more than just social sites.

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