Facebook Numbers

If there is something on world that can say how successful somebody is. Without doubts it is numbers. They are easy to compare and whatever. Facebook numbers are therefore as important as any other. What more in Facebook case it is probably even more important. For example number of monthly active users is the most important one. This is the number that social sites compare to each other. social-toiletIt is the most serious number and if you are successful you have to have big number too. And Facebook is successful. Its number is the biggest and therefore it can be called the biggest social site in the world. And what the number is? One billion five hundred and ninety million. Yes it is one five eight and seven nulls. It is huge number but the growth is not as big as in the past. However foe example Twitter have only 320 billion Mau. Another important number is so called DAU. Daily active users is also huge number. More that billion on computers and almost billion on mobile platforms and this number climb with unbelievable speed.

sending money facebookAnother interesting number is 3.73 dollar. It is amount of money that Facebook made on each of us during last quarter of year. When you multiply this number with MOD you came to number 5.8 billion in income and without doubts this is interesting number.

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