Facebook Future

It is not so long time since Mark Zuckerberg determined that Facebook future will be virtual reality. It was bold decision but he could afford it. Then he could also afford company that have prototypes of virtual reality devices and big plans with clear strategy. Therefore Mark didn’t wait a second and make Facebook Oculus one thing for better Facebook future. Of course it is separate company but whole purpose and meaning of oculus became Facebook. So you could not be surprised whenFacebook Oculus announced Rift VR which specialises more or less on Facebook interface in virtual reality. facebook-shopping1Such plan was announced like a year and a half ago. It is unbeselievable how the time flies but we cannot do much about that. Over that time there was a lot of opinions that purchasing Oculus was a huge mistake. Technology without potential you could find in news but Mark stood strong and now after two years after purchasing Oculus Facebook and Oculus announced that shipping of Facebook Oculus have started and that in nearest day users who ordered their device in pre-orders will get their precious Facebook device.

VirtualReality I am really curious how this whole thing around virtual reality ends. It is great technology and even greater vision but I really don’t see future so bright as everybody else. Will Faccebook succeed? What is Facebook future?

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