Facebook On Blackberry

There are some important brands in mobile phone market. You have Samsung, Apple, Nokia mostly in the past but there is also brand which one is not main stream but it is company that have precisely targeted future users. These people are little bit different however Blackberry is great company for certain people. Despite this their mobile phones are not really similar therefore some apps is planning to end support. To this sad step come also Facebook On Blackberry. They announced end of support because of performance reasons.960x0 Blackberry should be fast simple and not for games and huge apps. Blackberry philosophy is completely different. This smart company was important part of past but however Facebook is not planning the future with Blackberry. Official management express their regrets about Facebook ending support on their devices. But that is about everything they can do. According message Blackberry tried to cooperate but Facebook make their mind. Sad story.

Facebook_Advertising-Guide-00So it is pretty obvious that in the future Facebook on Blackberry will be only available via browser. That is not the worst what could happen because as you all know even browser version of Facebook have a lot of features and pretty great functions.

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