Facebook Profile Photo

Once upon a time Facebook was about communication and connecting people. However when I watch wall now it looks like anything but I what I said. Photos are everywhere because even read is to exhausting and slow. So photos are real great choice. That bring me to Facebook profile photo. It is something that can sell you to the world. Like CV but really a lot simpler so anybody can have opinion. A lot of people can put huge effort into making only one photo that will be on their wall for few days in their life. maxresdefaultHowever for a lot of people Facebook made great feature that have been used in the past potentially. Do you remember of all those people who had profile photo with flag of France? Well you probably will see so much more of them. And not just flags new Facebook app will allow to any Facebook user alter their profile photos in the same way as you could have profile photo with France flag. The feature is called Profile pic frames and it can be found on page www.facebook.com/profilepicframes .

NCAACustomFramesMiamiTeaserThere are almost endless amount of frames that you can choose and it is also great that you can adjust such profile pic for only temporarily time. So you want this photo for two weeks only? Here you are one profile photo for two weeks.

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