Facebook Safety Check

Facebook safety check is feature that have been praised and also hated in less than few weeks. It is not hard to understand why. In the first place this feature was designed to help people who survived natural disaster or people who now people who survived thru such horrific event. Nevertheless in last few months and I can say even years this feature was used mainly for discovering which of your friends are okay after terrorist attacks. Which is little bit egocentric but whatever I don’t care about it much. But is really important part of everyday happening. facebook_on_this_day_js_770Once you get used to Facebook style you won’t ever left it because it is future in shortcut. Once you feel that it is the right thing it is not likely that you will leave Facebook for any other company. However there was Brussels attacks and there was also Lahore attacks. And as it happens most of the time all media looks only for the Belgium users.

facebook-security-checkHowever Lahore attacks was even worse it is more and more obvious that Facebook safety check won’t be used for natural disasters but much more for terrorist attacks which are more and more common in big cities like Paris and Brussels. And what do you think about these problems? Do you think they are caused by big differences in culture are our religions contradictorily.

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