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Nowadays Facebook is not only a social site. I probably mention this more often than I should. However it is a fact. At least it is not a social site but the social site. If you speak about this topic there is no chance that Facebook name would not be mentioned. But I will give you a hint. I wanted to go to pub with my friends. And in town where I study I know already a lot of pubs. Both better or worse but I wanted to try something new. My first reaction was take a phone and look at nearby places. I found two places that seemed ok and I made reservation in one directly from Facebook. Well I send message via Messenger but you get the point.


For that reason, Facebook search cannot be something silly or not refined. There are billions of search every day I am sure of it. And not only that Facebook can manage such huge number. But Facebook search can help you. Or at least It helped me on several occasions. It is nothing hard to search on Facebook. it is probably the first thing you will see on whole Facebook. on the top there is white bar with grey title Search Facebook.


As you can expect then you just simply write your question down and click on the little icon in the right. But at this spot I want to take a second. Well you can write what you are looking for if you know the exact name. but Facebook is so clever that it will find your thing only based on keywords. Yes it works like any other Internet search engine but this is kind of new things to Facebook search.


In the moment you are redirected to result page you have like millions of options what you can do. right from the start you can see that there are some options on the top and on the right. So first things first. On the top you can find plenty of categories by which you can sort your results. This can be really handy because you can choose what you want to see. Whether people or pages. those are two most common searching results. But you can also choose from various like app, places or newest.


Now to the right part of screen. With the top one you sorted results by categories. With the right you can sort results from categories. So you can choose who posted what you are looking for, or location where it should be, or in which year the post was published. Really handy tools is you are looking for some post that you cannot remind.


Before I end the topic I want to return to nearby places. This function makes me happy at least once a week. Simple yet functional. You can choose what you are looking for. Then you just choose where if nearby or somewhere else. After that welcome to the world of simplicity. Results of your search are shown in chart where you can easily read how far the place is and how high is the ratings from other users. I love it.

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