Facebook Shopping

Facebook is trying to their best to become place where you can do everything. From a to z everything. Even s. Facebook shopping is real thing. We can see it clearly in full big meaty app but it wasn’t possible in Messenger and it won’t be possible for some time. Nevertheless Messenger is great for other features that are deeply tied with any shopping. For example payments was introduced to Messenger some time ago and frankly it can be great for some people. But I have never used it and also I do not know anybody who would ever use it. FacebookCommerceBut it doesn’t matter because if you look on the potential of whole Messenger Payments you will realize that it is nothing that should give Mark Zuckerberg wrinkles. And probably the biggest potential is right there in Messenger shopping because if you use payments to finish your order from some e-shop you don’t have to do anything more. It is great thing because it have started as little nothing. Then you could write personal messages to pages and now you can make a deal in one chat and pay for it right there.

facebook moneyAnd we could get this new feature soon. Because technics found hidden code inside Messenger where Messenger shopping is prepared. Of course we don’t know how serious it is but I think that we could get it really soon.

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