Facebook Troll Alert

If you are on Facebook longer than twenty seconds you must noticed that there are people who like to call themselves trolls. But it have really big problem. Most of them are not funny at all and if I would come across on them in real life they would end up in hospital emergency. About five percent is funny so one in twenty. Not huge number don’t you think? But you can came across of them in Facebook really often. Therefore after nation-state surveillance alert Facebook is featuring Facebook troll alert.620_s And it does pretty much the same as the nation-state surveillance alert. If you are targeted by troll of whatsoever and Facebook will notice it. You will be rewarded with nice announcement that there is probability that you have been targeted by some Facebook trolls so you should be more careful. And it is very nice from Facebook that they care so much. Really in few last week Facebook is trying to their best to satisfy needs of users who are concerned by quality of Facebook security and privacy.

fblogoSo big thump up for Facebook because it is good guy now. And what would you welcome in Facebook next? Some kind of new encryption or just possibility to have Facebook and Messenger without ads.

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