Facebook Typical Day

What is your typical day? You get up have a breakfast go to work and eat and work until you fall asleep? It is possible but I want you describe how Facebook typical day looks like. It is quite long day for this service because it works all the time and if you work for Facebook you must be prepared for one thing and one thing only. Reports about violations from users on other users or pages. In rare cases the reports are about photos that have been stolen and such. 140630-facebook-emotions-1749_4f881e85b96bea3a796ae8d7e0ab44c4Blackmailing photos and you know what I mean. But in general these reports are on users for opinions and breaking some Facebook laws. In fact they are in more than 95 percent caused by hate speeches and posts. Because you must know the difference between two things. There is freedom of speech and there is also attacking people because of their characteristics or beliefs. Some people like to think that they are one but truth is that it is something completely different. And because of it Facebook have more than a million reports on users per day.

facebook-ad-crosshair2-ss-1920-800x450 It is huge number because every day one in one and a half thousand Facebook users is reported harassment. Facebook is working hard in order to prevent such behaviour but the truth is it is unstoppable.

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