Facebook Videos

Face it or not Facebook videos is serious thing. Once that Facebook determine that videos are future every effort to make something better went to Facebook videos. And you cannot be surprise that after only few months Facebook numbers went over the roof. In fact it took only a month or two and Facebook started to threaten YouTube position. And this position haven’t been attacked for a long long time. YouTube was and is the video giant. fb topThere are only few companies that are as popular as YouTube. However Facebook quickly cut the years of head start and after few months their positions was almost equal. Also there was statements that Facebook video is bigger. But this is the time when I must come with my opinion. Fact that video start when you look on your timeline and you don’t even watch it cannot be counted as watched video. Pardon but I think it is really like that. But till this moment I talked only about two serious player. However with time there come third and kind of unlikely opponent. And it is Snapchat.

14.10.13_snapchat_photo_leak-1840x814App that looks like something for young and younger release statement that its app have more than seven billion of watched videos daily. It is huge no discuss about this. What do you think is Snapchat and competition for Facebook?

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