Facebook Visage

If something matter in this time of social media it is how things look. Therefore there is new Facebook visage. Every company however have its own trademarks that will be in ever visage no matter what. In case of Facebook there are things like iconic blue colour or the little f that must be everywhere where you can lay your eye. Facebook have a lot of visages in the past but even so you can say every time that this is Facebook for sure but only older version. Facebook-Messenger-starý-vzhled-2And now Facebook come to an idea that it is time to change a visage a little bit. I must admit that Facebook could look much better. And I can say it even with my eye that is not so great in art. Nevertheless I like art and Facebook could become one but in the end it is sure that in Facebook case there is more care given to functionality than to look. On the other hand it works perfectly because I cannot remember when was the last time that I haven’t found something I would need.

Facebook-Messenger-nový-vzhled-2But back to topic new Facebook visage. Maybe you already have it. Messenger look was changed into more Material design. It is really no big deal however it looks great. Especially the blue circle with little plus in the bottom right corner. So do you have new Material design already? And if you do do you like it? Share your opinion with us.

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