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There are few things that are heavily watched on Facebook. One of them is without doubts Mark’s Facebook page. I am sure that you know about who I am talking. Of course Facebook founding father Mark Zuckerberg have also Facebook profile and from obvious reasons it is page that is worth to follow. Mark is known for his settle appearance and in fact he have nothing what would make him strange.1393263280000-AFP-527456368 Maybe only that he made billions before he turned thirty. Lately his page was full of his family. Well finally they managed to make a baby with Priscilla Chang and it was glorious thing because there was some problems in the past with making baby. Nevertheless his page is coming back to normal and I must say that one of his last most amused me on so many level that I even say. As I wrote in the article few sentences ago he is settle and you never see him wears yellow shirt and golden jacket. But in his post he showed what his wardrobe really looks like and I must say the diversity of his cloths is staggering.

2d9bc9fe2626a9fb05a071518a4d946e8cf98a97Of course I am kidding. It could be named fifty shades of grey but somebody should understand it wrong. There are no sex toys or anything it is only symphony in grey. Also he asked his followers what he should wear today. Really funny.

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